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The 8th Sin

By Shruti Vishwanath

I lie silent, witnessing the cries around me
Pray, what can I do?
I have no political clout.
I am just one hapless person.

The cries get louder
The children are in pain.
Nay, don’t look at me, reader
I am but one hapless person.

Mother, why should I shoulder
The problems of the world
Mustn’t I enjoy the life you’ve given me?
What good came anyway
Of Suu Kyi , Mandela and Gandhi
The world will get more like them, mother
But not me, oh please not me
I want to enjoy this life
I am but a weak and hapless person.

The hooker on the streets
She chose the life
She slept with the ragamuffin
Why should I care?
The NGOs- They will take care of her
I know they can
They will.
What can I do?
Just one hapless person?

The world is changing, ma
It’s getting warmer
The ice caps are melting
What can I do, ma?
I do care, well, maybe a little
But it’s too hot, ma
I need the AC
And I can’t travel in those buses
Jesus, no, I need the car
You see ma?
I’m trying
But what can I do?
I am but one hapless person

I know this world is also mine, my sweet
But what can I do?
There are too many problems that we face
In 2012, we’re probably going to die anyway
What’s the point?

I ain’t standing for no elections.
I don’t want to be no whistleblower
I am just an ordinary human being.
I see the problem.
We’re self-destructing.
But I am no scientist.
I don’t have the trigger in my hand.
I am spiraling downwards, like the rest of our race.
But what can I do?
I am after all
Just one, ordinary, hapless person.


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