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Winning The Gold

By Shruti Shyam

“Brand Ambassador slams Games”
“CWG lane trials throw traffic haywire”
 Living in Delhi, here’s what we get to read everyday in the papers. With less than a month left for the commencement of the Commonwealth Games in the capital, there still are a few things that need to be completed.
Bad roads, unfinished stadiums, faulty facilities, is all everyone’s talking about here. Why isn’t anyone talking about the good things coming out of this all?
The Metro. What an ingenious idea to introduce it in a city where it seems like every thing is lightyears away. The cause? Probably bad traffic, and the fact that the places were far away from each other anyway. Bring in a cheap, fast way to travel, and we have a winner! So many people’s lives have become so much easier (Not to mention my own - traveling to Gurgaon from Hauz Khas in less than 15 minutes, a feat which I would have achieved in about an hour on a good day.) 
Who doesn’t love trees? You would not believe the transformation Delhi has undergone in the last year when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Greenery everywhere. Compressed Natural Gas. Biodegradable bags. Paper bags in markets. Go green campaigns. In a world where global warming is a primary concern, this is what progress really is.
New Delhi is using the Commonwealth Games as an excuse to reinvent itself. Bad roads, power cuts (Yes, we all deal with them, for hours on end), bad roads (Oh, did I say that twice?); let’s look at it all as the beginning of a process, the result of which will have a beneficial impact on our lives (eventually).
All the news channels ever talk about are facilities that are yet to be completed. What about the facilities that have been completed? Due credit should be given to the officials and laborers who have gotten the job done.  I would not have been able to do a decent job of anything with the whole city breathing down my shoulder and criticizing my every move.     
Continuous rains and constant criticism isn’t helping our situation. Where has all the optimism gone? Why does it seem like everybody’s hoping for something to go wrong during the Games? We should be rooting for its success.
So, everyone else can think of the glass half empty. Me? I see it half full.


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