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Who Wants To Be A Teacher!

By Paritosh Katyal
Teacher’s Day is here again!(I really felt sleepy saying it) I witnessed the same routine that I have been seeing for the last two years, the freshers’ were given the much awaited opportunity to prove themselves. One which they have been apparently craving for since they have set foot on this campus! Anyways thumbs up to the participants of the stupendous celebration.
Teacher’s Day has been one of those occasions that has been part of my life since the good old school days. The transformation in the celebrations from school to college has been dramatic to say the very least. But as far as I’m concerned little has changed, for I still add a few teachers to my favourites list every year ( mostly based on their looks). On a more serious note, I feel really fortunate to be taught by several eminent teachers during my formative years.
Now I find myself in an infant of a campus, and oh boy, saying the circumstances have drastically changed would be a gross understatement. To be honest, I don’t have any favourite teacher now, coz I don’t feel like crediting anyone with the title. Inspiration is hard to come by these days, I find many sycophants here!
From impersonating different teachers (usually my favourite ones), being excited for the holiday (kind of) on the eve of teacher’s day, actively participating and showing enthusiasm, I have come a long way. Usually the mention of teacher’s day is followed by a yawn, and I maybe remember a teacher or two from my school days. Now after all this blabber, I dare anyone to ask the question, “Nobody from college?”. Well, the less said the better, and mind you, they are professors with PhDs(most of them)......! Crediting someone as a teacher just because they teach is essentially wrong. A question I would like to ask is, “Have you actually learnt anything from them?”. I know I have been highly critical. My thoughts reflect the unforgiving nature of this generation, so its really tough to be a teacher. Who wants to be a teacher these days! Well, I don’t. Not after I have seen the best of them not getting the kind of respect they actually deserve from us!


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