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Poli Poli

By Sagnik Chouddhary


While we have had enough of people bitching about why so-and-so’s manifesto sucks a** and why ‘NONE’ is the best choice to pick in this year’s campus elections, not most of our grievances are unjust. We’ve seen just about enough of how dirty politics can get. We’ve seen almost everything possible, from people licking first-year-student a** to people trying to manipulate us, begging us to vote for them, and all this on the very first time we’ve met them. We’ve also, in a very literal sense, had enough of pamphlets. While the amount of money(I’m guessing quite a lot) you’ve spent is entirely your concern, the 3 fliers I have been finding slid under my door for the past week have been harder to catch hold of and dispose of than the occasional moth. And when you did turn up, as it is customary among your breed to do, all you managed to influence was the Age of Mythology game I was playing on LAN. Another of your kind accosted us at Amul, and made us listen to a full two minutes of the crap he was spouting. In short, you’ve made life on campus terrible, and we know you’ll do nothing once you’re elected. If you think you’ll get a letter recommending how awesome you’ve been as whatever post you’re contesting for or something, you’re wrong. And this for some odd reason, you fail to apprehend. Go get a life.

P.S. Did I mention how awesome your website was? The colors remind me of this drawing I made when I was in the first grade...

The Candidate
Let’s agree for a moment that I’ve managed to make life difficult in the campus for you during the past week. What you fail to realise, is that you’re as much a member of the campus as I am. The only difference being, I filed a nomination and you didn’t. Things that happen around the campus affect you as much as they do. Unlike you, I choose to be a part of things that affect me. And all you’ve lost is some time listening to what I have to say, and a LAN game. Things that perhaps look serious to you, because you haven’t put any thought into what the elections mean for you. As for the fliers and the website are concerned, there was no other way to get my point across. Posters were banned this year, something you’d probably know.
 I’ve done nothing what you wouldn’t have done in my shoes. What you’ve called a**-licking, is actually me interacting with people, telling them who I was and what I planned to do. I did not ask them not to vote for someone else, I didn’t promise anything that couldn’t be done. Tell me there’s any better way to have done this. When you say I won’t keep my promises, or I’m doing all this for recognition, you assume a lot. In other words, you’re assuming I’m doing what you would have.
Considering you’re going to vote for a friend of yours anyway, calling me a hypocrite is just thick.
 All I ask you to do, is to make an informed choice. For once, give it a serious thought. Apathy, as they say, is death.


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