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The Orphan

By YV Mahesh Kumar

Dear mom, dear dad, I don’t know why am I so sad,
Maybe god has taken you away from me that’s why I feel so bad,
No where to go, no place to stay, I landed up in this orphanage,
My survival is on the belief that I’m still in god’s patronage,
No company to comprehend, not even one friend,
Parents coming and adopting them along every bend,
Walking the lonely corridors, no one was there to care,
F***ing around the whole day, returning to the room so bare,
Eating the crappy food, getting to know my hood,
Survival was so tough, wondered if I really could,
Life was far from fun, I think I’m almost done...
But sadly in the end, I remain an orphan.

Dear mom, dear dad, I don’t know why am I so sad,
Maybe I went out for a walk outside that’s why I feel so bad,
Glad to be out once more, I started observing you see,
But what I saw that day, was difficult to digest for me,
A strong emotion in me, I started looking for love,
The feeling had vaporized from the world it seemed, just wondered how,
Homeless running around looking for shelter,
Running helter skelter...your heart’s gonna melta...
Thought it was only the orphanage, but even outside no one seemed to care,
Hard to find someone who had something he wished to share,
Poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer,
The irony was so strong I wish I could show you a picture,
Peace, a strong belief, now a mere myth, seemed a distant dream,
The world was in chaos and terror, you could hear people scream,
No warmth in anyone’s eyes and heart, no feeling fraternal,
Hate was fast becoming a fervour which looked eternal,
Cruelty, sarcasm, cheating and hypocrisy,
All filthy elements of an already f***ed democracy,
As night came to fall, I thought I had seen it all,
Something suddenly exploded inside me making me stop mid street,
I screamed in pain and anguish forgetting to be discrete,
Who’s the f***ing orphan huh? Who’s the real orphan??
I just lost my parents man, I can’t believe what I am seein,
I still have all my feelings and emotions intact, I remain a human  being,
You people are all f***ed up man, you ain’t got shit,
Turning into ravaging animals slowly bit by bit,
Who’s the f***ing orphan huh? Who’s the real orphan??  
Dear mom, dear dad, i know why I m so glad,
Shame on these fucking people, so I made my final call...
These people who have everything yet have nothing,
Or me who has nothing yet hath all..


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