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What's Your Love Like

By Pradeep Damodara

Love is universal. It (unfortunately) permeates all, irrespective of age or status. Whatever Shiv Sena, MNS and RSS may say, I bet their members have loved (or atleast had a hard-on for) some chick or the other at some point of time in their sad existence.

So don’t bother denying love, just read on and classify which type you come under. Oh and it’s all in good faith.


 Ooh! Look at them… they’re cute and cuddly little babies. Perfect together. Acting like sweet, love-struck two-year olds…so lovable. It’s especially endearing whenthey’re not together, pining for each other like lost puppies. 
For those of you in this kind of love, whining is a dog thing. No one really wants to know or care if you’re missing your ‘munchkin’. Keep it to yourself!

Oh yeah, baby. Now we’re talking. Or maybe we’re not, depending on what “we” are doing… somehow looking into eyes just doesn’t cut it for these love-birds. Touchy-feely is the order of the day, or whatever time it is for that matter. 
A word to the wise, keep your hands to yourself, and this wasn’t what they had in mind when they said “lip service”.


They know what they want for themselves and the future. Their love is very strong, but with the least outward manifestation. Always thinking about things to come, they know how to keep the relationship going without the need for physical connection.
If you come under this category, don’t feel too good about yourself. You’re getting old. And ugly.


She loves me, she loves me not”. Stop mutilating those poor flowers, for god’s sake. Man up, and go talk to the girl. Watching and drooling from a distance is NOT endearing. It’s called ‘stalking’. Get a grip.

If you’re a girl in this position, just go tell him. Guys love female attention and obsession. He’ll have a huge ego boost and might even decide he likes you. It’s all hormonal anyway. 
People, just don’t let it turn into an obsession. We all know how the horror movies end.


They love each other dearly. But can never be together. They are unfortunate enough to be together emotionally, and never be able to commiserate their affection for each other. The fact that they hold each others’ hearts is enough to squeeze them full of pain. A double-edged sword, knowing they are there for each other, but they aren’t. 
Now you know why we have the zodiac calendar. Check it up from now on.


Where both the boy and girl love each other, but they’re too shy or timid to approach the other and come out in the open. This unspoken commitment creates a strong bond between both of them. They express their feelings with timid smiles, silent eye contact, and other sweet nothings. 
If your love falls under this category, you might want to learn to talk. Actions may speak louder than words, but don’t risk it.


We’ve all been there at some point of time or the other... unrequited, one-sided affection. This one starts off all fine… staring, pointing him/her out to friends, trying and failing to talk, stalking them on Facebook, finding out what they’re doing all the time… it’s all really nice until he/she finds someone else. That’s when it gets painful. Watching the person of your dreams going around with someone else, sharing beautiful moments that were supposed be yours, your future memories. That’s when you become one of the Frustrated One-Sided Lovers’ Association. 
 For those of you in this boat, don’t feel too sorry for yourself. You’re not the only one. Look at the bright side, you didn’t get rejected, you just got walked over.


Ah, the dramatic relationship. Both hate each others’ guts, and love being that way. This love is passionate, violent and dangerous. They crave each others’ attention all the time, and get incredibly jealous. Their deep affection causes them to quarrel even more. A fight for each other turns into a fight with each other. Happens every time, but they live for the relationship. 
For those in this kind of love, your relationship is fine, but you might want to see a shrink. 

If your relationship didn’t classify under any of the above, don’t worry about it… it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with either of you. But once it fizzles out (and it surely will), feel free to come to us for advice. 
We can also be your shoulder to cry on.


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