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Speak Up: Does the Indian society need to let young India make it's own choices?

Very recently we came across a case where a college was violating the basic rights of the students under the pretext of instilling and maintaining discipline. Educational institutions, countrywide, still segregate students on the basis of gender to maintain "decency". 

Politicians will use students to campaign, call them the future of the country and then very claim that they are too inexperienced to make leaders. You can vote at 18  but not drink or marry till 21!

Organizations like the Shiv Sena, MNS take it upon themselves to enforce moral values. While spiritual gurus claim that we need to be protected against the paschimi sankriti. Parents might be more open minded now but they still do not refrain in trying to influence all aspects of all our lives from careers to marriage. 

Today as India stands at the crossroads of history, with its unique mixing of cultures we ask you Is the Indian youth ready to step up and make its own decisions? It is time for the society and lawmakers to allow them that freedom?


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